Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Pretty Girl

I think it's fair to say that most people in society today have noticed a trend among "pretty girls." What it is about them that causes such garish behavior is beyond me, but here's a little something based off an interaction I actually saw at the store the other day. (Rhyme added in because I felt like it, not because it happened that way)

The Pretty Girl

“Hello,” he said, as she walked by.

“Excuse me?” she said, not catching his eye.

“You’re beautiful,” he said, hoping it worked.

“That’s nice,” she said, much like a jerk.

“You’re funny and charming, what every man wants.”

“I know all of this,” she says as she taunts.

“Could we go out?” he asked with some hope.

“What do you think, you stupid dope?”

“Well that’s not very nice,” he said, his cheeks fully red.

“Neither is your face, and I’d rather be dead!”

“Forget you then!” he screamed, as she walked away.

Then she turned and smiled and said, “See you at eight.”


  1. LOL and then the guy STILL goes out with her
    cause just like girls go out with douche bags...
    GUYS go after the mean snatchy pretty girls.
    true story.

  2. I have noticed the trend, too, and I strongly dislike it. Where has civility gone? Why don't girls appreciate chivalry anymore? Here's another true story to add to your experience:

    A young man saw a pretty woman carrying her groceries out of the store. He ran to get the door for her, upon which she spouted, "I can get the door myself, I don't need your help! How rude!"

    The young man, shocked at the retort was aghast. He was honestly trying to help. He gently replied, "Excuse me, Ma'am. I'll tell you what. I will forgive your rudeness if you will forgive my civility."

    Nicely done, young man.