Friday, March 26, 2010

Colin Tu does Rock Band

In this episode of Colin Tu... he tackles the game Rock Band. His accomplices? Interesting Steve (IS) and Bobdonius (Bob)

Colin Tu: Hey guys!

IS: Hey Colin

Bob: Hey Colin

Colin Ti: No, no... its Colin... Tu!

IS: Right...

Colin Tu: So... I got a cool new game. You guys wanna play?

Bob: um...

IS: What game?

Colin 2: Its the best game ever! Other than RPG of course.

Bo: So what is it?

Colin Tu: Rock Band!

IS Is that the one like Guitar Hero only with a drummer and singer and everything?

Colin Tu: Yes! And I got it! You guys wanna play?

Bob: Yeah, that sounds like fun.

Colin Tu: Alright! Its up in my room, come on.

*Up in Colin's Room*

Colin Tu: Okay, first we need to decide on a band name!

IS: How about Fallacy Ridden?

Bob: That name is terrible dude. You need to do something clever, like...

Colin Tu: The Band of Britannia!

Guy 2: Uh no... I was thinking more like...

Colin Tu: Okay, so we are the band of Britannia! Now get into your costumes.

Bob: But I don't like...

IS: Dude, just let it go... Wait what did you say Colin?

Colin Tu: I said, get into your costumes.

Bob: But its just a game...

Colin Tu: Just a game? Just a game! We are the Band of Britannia! How would the king feel?
Quick, put on your costumes!

IS: Sorry Colin, we don't have any costumes.

Colin Tu: That's okay, I have extra. Here, you can be the dwarf- remember to act grumpy like a
real dwarf... and since you are the dwarf you should probably play drums, because dwarfs are good at hitting things.

IS:But I don't wanna pla-

Colin Tu: (cutting him off) And you.... You can be... a wizard! Wizards cast a lot of spells... so you
should be good at speaking. You can sing.

Bob: But I can't sing Coli-

Colin Tu: (cutting off again) And I will be the human fighter on axe guitar! Well, hurry up and get
into your costumes!

Bob: (Mumbles and grumbles)

IS: Just do it dude.

Bob: Yeah, yeah...

Colin Tu: Okay! Now we are ready to play our first show! So, I don't really like any of the songs
on the game, so I'm going to mute the TV and play the theme song from Lord of the Rings on my

Bob: (rolling his eyes) Oh no...

IS: Colin... won't that make it hard to play our instruments and sing along? Plus, that song
doesn't even have words.

Colin Tu: Why would it make it hard? And don't worry. I wrote lyrics before you guys came

Bob: Oh crap...

*Colin hands over the paper with lyrics*

Bob: These aren't lyrics, this is just one of Bilbo's poems you stole from the book. You just
crossed out a few names and put Britannia in their place.

Colin Tu: No, I wrote it! Now, let's play Rock Band!

(Colin starts the game)

Colin Tu: (singing quietly) Oh we are the Band of Britannia... Yeah, we are the band... yeah... I'm
good at this... everyone wants to pay to see my show!

Bob: (just staring at the screen and at the paper)

Colin Tu: You are not singing! We are going to fail!

Bob: We would fail anyway, because that's not the song I'm supposed to sing.

IS: Yeah Colin, I don't think the game will work this way.

Colin Tu: (looking at the screen) Oh great, you guys lost me 300 fans! The King of Britannia kicks you out of his band and gives all your money and all your instruments to me! I mean... someone who looks like me...

Bob: Yeah...

IS: Bye Colin.

Colin Tu: Hey wait you guys... Don't leave!

IS: What now Colin?

Colin Tu: Wanna play RPG?

*All characters are fictional until proven otherwise*

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