Wednesday, September 6, 2017

The Rising Risk of Diametrically Opposed Ideological Practices

In a world were the Nazi flag is being proudly and brazenly flown once again, I see an equally dangerous counter-movement coming to the front. The new opposition is rising under the guise of stamping out a culture which has already been proven to be wrong and downright evil. But in efforts to squash the widely panned Nazi agenda, the Alt-Left (if you will) have created the exact same type of organization, performing egregious acts, all in the name of preventing the world from falling into an idyllic rabbit-hole which we all know is dangerous.

The greatest problem we face in the clash of ideas and cultures is not what they are arguing about. These social problems and values exist, and will continue to grow and to worsen because of the way in which people choose to have "reasonable" discourse on the subject.

I say reasonable discourse with complete irony, especially given the recent protests and riots that began with a Neo-Nazi march and the counter protests to said events.

Nether side of these opposed groups have been reasonable in any way. With both sides so vehemently opposing each-others ideologies, what they seem to be failing to grasp is that the methods both groups are using are in fact, in and of themselves, a problem as great as the issues they claim to be at hand.

Both extreme sides of this issue have taken a route which, I can only assume they believe to be their only option, is far more damaging and dividing than any actual discourse on the matter could ever be. Why is this? Because they want to stamp each other's ideas out, crush them into oblivion, instead of being willing to cede points of interest which could make for a useful conversion.

In point of fact, both sides are socially behaving just as Hitler-led Germany did. It is a method that can be incredibly effective (to a point), and, as history shows us, equally horrible. The world does not, or should not operate on absolutes of ideology. People are far too varying in lives, situations, beliefs, and concerns, for a one-sided polar view to full take hold and work in any form.

It's almost as if one side is throwing fire and the other throwing ice, throwing until only one remains, when all we really needed was water.

Maybe we should all take a step back and realize what we're looking for and then take a look at how we're trying to get it. We might find the water we're searching for is right there if we'd stop trying to ruin it by firing off from both extremes.

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