Thursday, January 29, 2015

On Being Indifferent

On Being Indifferent: A post inspired by a moment of slightly ironic non-indifference (drats!)

Political happenings are happening. Some of these “happenings” are well-meaning and, as I view them, legitimate. Others... well… they’re happening regardless.

Then there’s the measles thing. People need to avoid it like the plague. Or was that gluten? I get these things mixed up. Oh yeah… lock yourself away lest measles and/or gluten finds you and destroys your life. (I am all about vaccinating, just saying, as well as avoiding gluten if you, ya know, actually need to for a medical reason (fad diets and, "I feel better because I cut out donuts," does NOT count)).

There are some bad dudes who hijacked the name of my favorite spy agency. ISIS is no longer synonymous with Sterling Archer. I preferred my ISIS as a semi-functional, for-profit, hilarious gang of outlandishly lovable characters, each of whom has enough quirks and demons to down the titanic.

We’ve hit a point where both Bill Gates and Stephen Hawking have warned us of our impending doom via typical mid 1900’s Science Fiction AI doomsday stories. So that’s… something to look forward to (not sure what I can do here except for wait for the inevitability that whoever makes an evil destructor-bot will most definitely have it look like Arnold Schwartzegneggar).

Gay people can get married. Except when they can’t. People Love that. Other people hate it. Blood boils, angry things are said, comforting things are said, flags are raised and waved and people do and say awful, awful things in the names of their just or unjust causes (here's looking at you Westboro).

The world has a lot going on is what I’m getting at (of course you already knew that). You know what I’m concerned with…? Honestly, to some small extent, all of the above and a thousand things more… but mostly, whether or not I’ve eaten enough broccoli and spinach to keep me from feeling like I’ll starve to death before I go to bed.

Yup, I’m concerned with food - and if I’ll sleep decently (not in any way related to the above issues). Don’t get me wrong, I see the validity of many of these issues… I’m just… well, indifferent.

Honestly, don’t you ever feel like half the world’s “problems” would evaporate if people simply stopped focusing on them so much? Obviously this doesn’t apply for something like, famine and hunger. But a massive chunk of “first world problems” aren’t really problems at all. They are fixations that only affect our lives if we choose to let them.

By all means, folks, fixate on the world-altering, life or death, oh my god, oh my god we’re all going to die stuff. But for everything else… Can’t we take a collective step back, shrug our shoulders, say “Meh,” and get back to talking to friends and family, playing a fun game, writing, building, relaxing, or just being, I dunno… indifferent…? I know what sounds like more fun to me... (That'd be the cake I'm actively ignoring... Curse you cake and your temptations!)

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  1. Funny thing is some people are totally content and live blissfully ignorant of the world and its politics. Others can't let it go if even the tiniest thing seems out of place or unfair in their minds. I think I live somewhere in the middle, but if I had to choose, I'd say blissful indifference is better than overzealousness.